CEI Contracts Manager

Closing Date: 05/06/2023
Location: Dublin/Hybrid
Reference #: 1453

Role Title:

CEI Contracts Manager

Business Area:


About This Role:

The open eir (OE) CEI Manager will play a key role in successfully providing open eir’s Duct Access and Pole Access  products successfully  to  customers. This role includes:

  • Actively manage Major CEI Projects including the delivery of CEI Products to support  the NBP(National Broadband Plan) in  a contract management role.

  • Work with OE Product Development  to  Integrate the Operation  of New CEI Products & Services across eir and optimise any synergies with roll-out of the National Broadband Plan

  • Liaise with internal stakeholders , NBI and Key CEI customers  as a subject matter expert.

  • Deal with exceptional issues related to CEI Delivery and Assurance.

  • Manage a CEI Dashboard covering SLA Performance & KPI Measurement

For the NBP,  the candidate  is responsible for the delivery,  operation and reporting  of this  major infrastructure access  contract on behalf of open eir, supporting  the delivery of the National Broadband Plan.

The CEI Manager ensures that all CEI plans, operations requirements, systems and  processes that are implemented  are aligned with open eir’s  contractual and regulatory obligations and all associated product specifications as provided by open eir product development.

Expectations From The Role:

CEI Contract Management 

  • Manage all contractual matters relating to open eir’s agreements with the NBP Contractor including:
    • Ensure Performance by open eir to all Contractual Terms & Conditions  
    • Ensure all relevant  infrastructure licences and permissions  are updated as required
    • Manage any issues, exceptions & variations related to contract delivery 
  • Operate to an agreed  detailed Programme Plan 
  • Operate a successful working relationship with NBI, the NBP contractor.
  • Manage the end- to-end operations from order to delivery to billing and revenue confirmation. 
  • Maintain records and documentation of all contract  correspondence, , contractual changes, performance  reports 

      and all other relevant documents

  • Prepare regular contract performance and progress reports as required.
  • Ensure all relevant documents and contracts are communicated to all parties to provide contract visibility and awareness, and ensure correct interpretation as required to support implementation.
  • Manage programme change control processes.
  • Identify bottlenecks, constraints and process issues, related to the successful operation of contract and work with  OE’s NBP programme team  and all stakeholders to address them.
  • Also support additional any CEI contracts that may arise.


CEI Operations Management 

  • Integrate CEI Product Delivery and Assurance across open eir as per product design and regulatory requirements.
  • Liaise with all Key CEI Customers on difficult exception for CEI (Pole & Duct)  Operations
  • Liaise with Key CEI Customers as a CEI Subject Matter Expert
  • Monitor and Plan Operations based on Operators’ Forecasts, SLA Performance and KPI Measurements 
  • Maintain and monitor an effective CEI Dashboard covering SLA Performance and KPI performance supporting open eir Wholesale Objectives. 
  • Take corrective actions with key stakeholders where CEI performance or KPIs not meeting requirements  
  • Work internally and externally with all stakeholders and the to streamline interworking processes
  • Ensure end-to-end operation of CEI from order to billing is operating successfully and regularly audit and review such processes to ensure optimum operation.
  • Monitor CEI volumes and revenue activity.
  • Work closely with OE  Product Development on all aspects of PI Product Development & Integration

Requirements For A Successful Application:

Qualifications, Knowledge & Experience

  • The following is also required for the role:

  • Demonstrate the ability to manage large infrastructure projects and maintain successful relationships in a multiple stakeholder environment.

  • Over 5 Years Telecommunications & Operations Experience

  • A relevant third level qualification 

  • Contract Management Experience

  • Project Management Skills and Experience

  • Knowledge of Fibre Access Network Build

  • Knowledge of Telecommunications Network Inventory systems 

  • Proven Ability to deliver and support end-to-end solutions.

  • Demonstrate Industry & Technical knowledge 

  • Knowledge of open eir’s passive infrastructure products & services.


Key Performance Indicators:

  • Delivery to Contract Targets & Programme Plan
  • Effective control of processes and operations.
  • Reporting Details and Quality
  • Relationships with stakeholders.
  • NBI Contractor satisfaction. 
  • CEI Operators satisfaction,
  • Operate transparently.
  • Pro-Actively sharing of  knowledge and information.
  • Operations of streamlined and efficient processes

Business Competencies & Levels

  • Customer Focus - (3)

  • Results Focus - (4)

  • Process Focus - (4)

  • Internal & External Stakeholder Engagement - (4)

  • Problem Solving - (4)

  • Incident Management - (3)

People Competencies & Levels

  • Teamwork - (4)

  • Oral & Written Communication - (4)

  • Influencing and Winning Commitment - (4)

  • Presentation Skills (3)