Marketing and Bid Executive

Vacancy will be closed on: 01/12/2021
  Reference #402
Role Title:

Marketing and Bid Executive

Business Area:

Strategic Relationships
About this Role

As open eir’s Marketing Executive the key responsibilities include managing openeir.ie website,  maintaining and updating the open eir social media accounts , managing the PO payment process and  working with the Director of Marketing preparing the annual budget. The role is to advance the open eir  ‘go to market’ strategy through all our customer communication channels. The candidate will assist the  Marketing Director with campaigns to stimulate customer engagement and promote the brand. They  will also be required to facilitate customer hospitality and manage customer events.  

The key responsibility of the open eir Bid Manager is to chair the Business Evaluation Team meeting, document the attendees and the decisions made and ensure these are stored in the regulated area. The  role also requires that all contracts and documents requiring senior management sign-off are processed  through docusign and stored correctly. 

What is expected from the Role?

Key Responsibilities  

  • Drafting a marketing calendar, quarterly in advance, with key understanding of desired  outputs, budget requirements, design elements required etc. 

  • Updating the openeir.ie webpages – ensuring content is at all times current 

  • Managing the open eir social presence on both Twitter and LinkedIn 

  • Completing all necessary POs and managing them throughout the approvals process ∙ Managing the open eir Marketing budget 

  • Drafting press releases and assisting with PR 

  • Undertaking customer hospitality events 

  • Assisting the Account Managers with customer collateral  

  • Advancing the open eir go to market strategy for new band existing products ∙ Facilitating the Bid Evaluation Team 

  • Completing the necessary regulatory controls on a quarterly bases 

  • Ensuring sign off and approval is given for each bid response 

  • Maintaining a database of all bid documents, submissions and contracts 

  • Communicating at group level through email, presentations etc. 

Key Performance Indicators 

  • Monthly initiatives and impact to brand 

  • Website up to date and accurate  

  • Innovation through social media  Management and execution of marketing calendar  

  • BET process adhered to 

  • Docusign Management for the wholesale team 

Requirements for a Successful Application:

Competency Profile

Business Competencies

  • Customer Focus 

  • Results Focus 

  • Innovation 

  • Strategic Perspective  

  • Business Focus 

People Competencies

  • Leadership  

  • Teamwork  

  • Oral & Written Communication 

  • Influencing and Winning Commitment

Other Skills 

  • Key levels technical competencies: 

  • Knowledge of Word Press and Extron Content  Management Systems 

  • Advanced Microsoft Office  

  • Social Media skills 

  • Process driven with keen eye for detail

Qualifications, Knowledge & Experience 

  • At least 3 years’ experience in telecommunications


Supervising Manager 

  • Director of Marketing open eir 

Terms of Appointment